A visual inspection of the standing rigging is done at deck level and aloft. The age of the standing rigging, its design, material and its general condition is considered when making recommendations. The surveyor will be looking for corrosion, broken wires and cracks in the mast, spreaders, rigging terminals, swages, toggles and chain plates. Joints in the mast, repairs, the attachment of spreaders, masthead equipment and navigation lights are inspected.

No dismantling of equipment takes place. The ‘cold head’ terminals associated with rod rigging, rigging covered with plastic, furling gear foils & drums and encapsulated or inaccessible chain plates, are areas not accessible for inspection. These areas should be inspected periodically as general preventative maintenance items. If maintenance records are not available, the buyer or owner of the vessel should take appropriate steps to have these areas inspected to verify the integrity of the mast and rigging.